100% Electric VUCI – U-EJAC

Jacinto adds the 100% Electric VUCI to its range of innovative products. As for its Chassis, this innovative vehicle has a Power of 300kW, a Battery with 2 modules/2 chargers, 18,000kg as Gross Weight and its Range is around 400 km.

This is a high security vehicle, measuring 2.45m wide, and has a Special Certified Cabin: there is the possibility of moving the seats to create a command center, its crew capacity is 1+1 +4, includes 4 Jacinto certified supports and 2 fully glass doors for better visibility. Its access height of 200 mm also stands out.


In terms of ergonomics, it is optimized, contains an automatic ladder descent system and low entry height. Also noteworthy are its height-adjustable chassis.

Regarding its Driving Performance, this vehicle is characterized by its high acceleration capacity and low center of gravity. Its weight distribution is optimized and it includes all the necessary safety systems for a diesel truck.

It is also characterized by its great compact agility, its 2.45m width and <15m turning diameter. And, being 100% electric, it becomes an Environmentally Friendly vehicle, due to its zero emissions. It will also have a high extinguishing level, meaning it will have a capacity of 2000l for water and 200l for foam.

As for the Pump, its engine will have an electrical operation and a autonomy of 4 hours (pump operation). At low pressure: 3,000l/min @10 bar, and at high pressure: 250l/min @40 bar.

In terms of Operation, the control, as well as the driver, will have greater space to operate. It contains 2 reading and control action panels and is characterized by simple operation and the fact that the vehicle's functions can be controlled remotely.

It includes a Jacinto Control System based on CAN-bus lines for the entire vehicle electronic system. Its Electrical System consists of LED light systems around the vehicle, an LED system with environmental control in the cabin and an LED system in its compartments. Other systems may also be included, such as: remote diagnostic and information system, total vehicle control system in the cabin and camera rear-view mirrors.

Safety above all

“Something that, without a doubt, Jacinto values ​​is the safety of all its vehicles. As such, the 100% Electric VUCI is no exception.” It then has an ECR-29 certified cabin, with a risky certified safety system and an electronic rear vision system, including rear cameras. It therefore contains all the safety systems required by a diesel vehicle.

Remote diagnostic services and the possibility of using MAN dealers for assistance will be included when purchasing this vehicle. 

In 2019, Jacinto presented the Eco Camões: the first fully electric and unmanned firefighting vehicle in the world. Transmitting, therefore, a total of zero gaseous emissions and posing zero risk to the operator. It is, therefore, ideal for scenarios with a rarefied atmosphere.

This revolutionary vehicle will have around 300km of autonomy, which will be the equivalent of 4 hours of continuous pump operation.

As a way of responding to its autonomy capacity, it has 5 electric motors, 4 of which are used for traction and 1 for pump operation. One of the great advantages added to the Eco Camões is the possibility of it being completely controlled remotely up to 1km away, through its remote control panel. This same panel is capable of controlling the vehicle's traction (acceleration and braking); control your direction; view the surroundings of the operation through its cameras; and control all extinguishing equipment (2 monitors, water pump and foam pump).

João Ferreira


Versatile Vehicle

This is also a very versatile vehicle, as it is capable of operating in all possible firefighting scenarios, meaning it complies with all standards (EN1846 1-2-3 NFPA 414 ICAO). We therefore highlight its extinguishing agent capacity: 10,000L of water; 1 200L foam bottle; and 250kg of chemical powder. It should be noted that it contains Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification.

We have a project in hand that involves internationalization, that is, opening a branch of the company in another country
Jacinto Reis


The manager calculates that the initial investment could be around three million euros if the destination is in Europe; If it is in South America, the investment could be around five to six million euros, as it will be necessary to build an industrial unit from scratch to have access to financing and some benefits attributed to foreign investors. “We want to implement an assembly unit. We are not going to do what we do in Portugal, which is the entire vehicle from scratch. Yes, we will assemble some parties in these countries”, explains Jacinto Reis.