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Through a general overhaul, Jacinto quickly updates your fire fighting vehicle, based on the latest technology. From air and industrial accident fighting systems to municipal vehicles, these can be equipped with the latest equipment needed to fight fires. Here, individualized suggestions are also made, in order to obtain the best possible vehicle modernization. We also highlight that all these updates and modernizations come from the most modern product lines and also reflect the best quality.

This way, it will then be possible to transform the old into new:

Marks of use on the paintwork and bodywork are left by the rigorous years of use of the vehicles. Therefore, Jacinto is concerned with offering a wide range of renovation work for these vehicles and equipment. From the body to the chassis, we offer you the best solutions for all your vehicle renovation needs.

New requirements, bring new accessories:

We are faced with a constant change in requirements, which also requires us to constantly update the accessories included in this type of vehicle. Jacinto then constantly adapts its vehicles: whether through new extinguishing and lighting towers, water monitors, mixing systems, or even stowage for storing new equipment. We can then reorganize and optimize vehicle storage systems with rotating compartments, space for storing breathing apparatus or sliding trays, with an even more functional layout. The cabinets can also be converted into new equipment.

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From old to new

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Jacinto Marques de Oliveira Sucrs Lda is the only Portuguese company that manufactures Fire Fighting Vehicles certified by all chassis brands to carry out special transformations.

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