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An expander is one of a salvager's most important tools. Strangely enough, it is one of the most misunderstood tools. When purchasing an expander, many make decisions about maximum strength and opening. Please don't, because that's not why you buy an expander! Let's explain further: An expander is used to open structures with a small space or opening. You need progressive power at the beginning of your spreading action, as that is where the structure is hardest and the opening is the smallest – not at the end of the spreader. Additionally, an expander can easily be designed to have a 90-degree angle for a very large opening, but above 63 degrees, an expander will begin to pull into the structure instead of expanding. It's all about performing effectively and doing your best work, not just what looks good on paper. The Spreader X4 is the highest performing expander on the market if you know what you're looking for.


  • Final pressure
  • EWOtechnology


  • Best power to weight ratio
  • Most powerful propagator on the market
  • Progressive power line at start
  • effective working angle of 63 degrees