Hydraulic Equipment // Foam System




  • Automatic dosing from 1 to 6%, i.e. a pre-mix flow of 100 to 20,000 l/m
  • Pumps from 60 to 600 l/m with pneumatic or manual valves
  • Driven by means of an electric thermal engine or PMT
  • Emergency manual operation
  • Filling the tank and transferring emulsifier

The advantages of SALAMANDRE:

  • Intervention far from the risk zone (greater than 200m): The SALAMANDRE automatic dosing system can be placed at any point on the line, which allows you to move considerably away from the risk zone. In this way, supply operations become simple and safe. This dosing solution is frequently used at a distance of between 1,000 and 2,000 m from the risk zone.
  • Recognized reliability: The design of the SALAMANDRE system allows, unlike the Venturi system, the use of water loaded with particles (fine gravel) without producing obturation. Regardless of the type of emulsifier and its viscosity, SALAMANDRE regulates the injection thanks to the quality of its volumetric piston pump.
  • Speed ​​of intervention: The simplicity of connecting SALAMANDRE to the fire supply network allows you to replace several injectors. From activating the “Top Mousse” (Top Foam), to generating the pre-mix automatically and instantly.
  • SALAMANDRE does not present pressure losses: Unlike a classic supplier, SALAMANDRE allows long lengths without losing pressure, because pre-mixing is carried out through pressure injection. This makes calculating network pressure much simpler.