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We guarantee the innovation and diversification of our products in order to monitor and satisfy the needs of our customers, respecting the safety and health of our workers and the environment.

We are an entity of excellence in the manufacturing industry, nationally and internationally.

Jacinto VUCI
Special Cabin

Here we present our VUCI with a Special cabin, designed for better ergonomics, better vision to the outside, greater safety and a better experience for its occupants.


In 2019, Jacinto presented the Eco Camões: the first fully electric and unmanned firefighting vehicle in the world. Transmitting, therefore, a total of zero gaseous emissions and posing zero risk to the operator. It is, therefore, ideal for scenarios with a rarefied atmosphere.

Specialized services

Jacinto Marques de Oliveira Sucrs Lda guarantees a variety of specialized services, from after-sales service, repairs and certified training.

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